Pigment saggar unloading system and empty saggars palletization
Pigment saggar unloading asystem and empty saggars palletization equipped with:
  1. automatic grip to unload the kiln cars with the piles of saggars;
  2. vertical unpiling engine;
  3. crusher zone to empty the saggars manually;
  4. empty saggars conveying line;
  5. vertical saggar stacker;
  6. automatic grip to store the piles of saggars on pallets;
  7. automatic roller chain to manage the pallets.

The machine has been conceived and built to unload pigments saggars, to unpile, to empty in manual and to transport the empty saggars on the conveying line to reach the stacker through an automatic grip for the palletization.

Production: no. 3 saggars per minute.




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