Immersion glazing machine for single coloured cups
  1. Two parallel cups conveying lines;
  2. cups blowing and dusting cabins;
  3. cups centring and positioning device;
  4. cups glazing and holding device;
  5. spongy belt for the storage of the glazed cups.

This machine, in spite of its small dimensions, is able to glaze with high working speed cups, fired biscuit glasses and biscuit majolica of various sizes. It can also homogeneously glaze any kinds of surface.
On customer demand, it is also possible to make the loading and unloadžng operations robotized in order to eliminate the labour costs.

Production: no. 40 pieces per minute.

Cups standard size:

  • min. diam. = 40 mm.
  • max diam. = 120 mm.
  • min height = 40 mm.
  • max height = l50mm.

Finished cups quality: first class.




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