Installation to load/unload kiln cars full of piles of anchors
The machine has been conceived to load and unload the cars with the piles of refractory anchors:
  1. translating roller for the car automatic positioning in the loading/unloading station;
  2. automatic grip to transfer both the piles and the empty anchors from the kiln car to the conveying line in order to empty the kiln car; when completely empty the grip self resets anchors of returning piles with raw material and it completely loads the kiln car;
  3. upper chain-conveyor line for the piles of anchors;
  4. automatic grip for the collection of the full piles and then to unpile the single anchors;
  5. after being filled (manually or with a robot) with raw cups, the single anchor is placed on a lower conveying line through a going down table, to be carried up to the stacker grip and be loaded on the kiln car.

Production: no. 1 anchor per minute.




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