Automatic saggar loading and unloading unit for use with tableware
This tableware handling plant is fully automatic, and is made up of:
  1. Kiln-cars with automatic stop-go propulsion.
  2. Automatic offload grips for stacked saggars with fired plates.
  3. Saggar loader and placer.
  4. Conveyor belt.
  5. Pick-up suckerfor removal of platesfrom saggar.
  6. Exit conveyor taking fired plates to selection.
  7. Saggar cleaning bay.
  8. Glazed plate infeed stage with vertical flow take-up.
  9. Pick-up sucker for loading glazed plates into saggars.
  10. Mobile placer grips.
  11. Saggar stack-carousel.
  12. Automatic grips for loading stacked saggars with glazed plates onto kiln car.
  13. Control panel.

Semi-automatic grips can be incorporated where kiln cars are required to take mixed sizes of saggar; a plant can be provided with several load programs which are selected at the turn of a knob from the control panel, and the system is fully adjustable to permit handling of different shapes and sizes of saggar.





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