Cups base finishing and polishing machine with collecting cups sucker device
  1. cups collecting device;
  2. cups alignment and conveyor in-let belt;
  3. cups collecting station;
  4. four working stations made of rotary bases on which the abrasives are placed;
  5. cups out-let belt;
  6. rotary table for a possible manual selection.

We consider this installation very advantageous for the following reasons:
- the abrasives, its long endurance and its low cost;
- the low maintenance it requires;
- the complete autonomy during the plates sizes changin9 operation in spite of the various dimensions;
- the high quality of the finished plates in spite of the very quick production process;
- by making the cups collecting process manual the labour costs can be eliminated.

Production: no. 45 pieces per minute. 

Cups standard sizes:

- min. diam. = 40 mm.
- max diam = 150 mm.
- min height = 40 mm.
- max height = 150 mm.

Finished cups quality: first class.




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